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Since its establishment in 2003, Thunder’s Farm has grown and evolved into a friendly and fun boarding facility that specializes in providing individualized care to your equine partner.  Covering almost 30 acres, the Farm offers several riding options as well as spacious turnouts for the horses.  Our Farm strives to create an environment where horses can be horses and really stretch their legs.  That’s why we say “We Have Happy Horses!”



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What we offer.


Thunder's Farm is more than just a boarding facility.  The farm has a friendly environment for all owners no matter the level of riding experience.  There are several options for riding all around the farm.  



Indoor Riding Arena

The indoor riding arena is 45' x 95' with 48 Feet of riding mirrors.  The arena is treated with magnesium to keep the dust at a minimum while riding.  


Outdoor Riding Arena

The outdoor riding arena is 125' x 135'.  


Obstacle Course

Our obstacle course offers a variety of challenges for all ranges of riding experience


Pasture Riding

Thunder's farm has more than 10 acres of pasture for riding.  There is a mowed track around the hay field for riding, as well as some more challenging horse trails with a creek to enjoy all here on the farm.



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Helping you and your horse feel at home.

Thunder's Farm offers three levels of boarding care for your horses and your budget.  We care about the horses that stay at Thunder's Farm.  Every day your horse is seen by our staff to make sure they are happy and healthy.  We really get to know each and every one of them and will notify you if we feel they need your attention.  We have up-front pricing on our website for board costs to help make your decision to board with us as convenient as possible. 

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Sometimes you just need to move a horse!


Thunder's Farm is is now offering trailer rentals for those people that need to use a horse trailer for a couple of hours,  a day, or even by the week.   



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